Build BaraBara Online Presence; Brand New Boutique Hotel

BaraBara. Eat & Sleep is a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant founded by Nicole Trenti after her love of Zanzibar Island. Since 2021, Nicole felt Zanzibar is home to her as well. She appreciates the beauty, kindness, and warmest of the people. The diverse ethnicities, races, cultures, and beliefs. Nicole noticed the real-life struggles of unemployment, bad living standards, poor health facilities, gender inequality, and lack of education – naming a few.

BaraBara comprises a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. It is a combined concept of bridging small pieces to compose a colorful puzzle. The focus is on Design as a hallmark approach to the community and environment. BaraBara rose from a very simple Ground floor coral stone house.

Barabara is a boutique hotel and restaurant business idea that will incorporate the applicable and implementable United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) to be a ” blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. Something I learned during my time as a student participant of Association for the
International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) of the University of Brescia.
Nicole Trenti, 2021.

Zanziholics Come Into Action.

In June 2022, we were brought in to prepare for BaraBara opening and to offer our expertise in Digital Marketing. Our first role was to conclude on the logo and branding identity- luckily at this time, Nicole had already sketched a few ideas. We review the idea and we decide the below logo does community her vision and uniqueness.

We then went forward in web designing, with a booking and payment system. BaraBara website is built on WordPress and uses premium tools to enable bookings. The greatest challenge was finding the right payment gateway, whilst there are several options – not being flexible limits the operations. In addition, the client favors manually approving individual bookings due to a low number of rooms.

For three months between June and August, Zanziholics delivered professional services including Social Media Consultation. We opened BaraBara social media profiles, designed a calendar, and the plan forward.

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