A Digital Marketing Masterclass By Zanziholics Digital Agency and Dhow Country Music Academy (DCMA).

Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) is the only music school in Zanzibar. DMCA preserves and promotes the musical heritage of Zanzibar the “dhow region” which includes countries along the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Arab Gulf such as Zanzibar, Comorros, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, U.A.E and India. Particular emphasis is being placed on teaching traditional music styles, such as taarabkidumbak and ngoma. The DCMA is proud to be the guardians of a living cultural heritage and proud to keep the musical heritage of Zanzibar and the “dhow region”.

Zanziholics Digital Agency is a fast-growing Digital Agency based in Zanzibar. It has expertise in web services, Content Creation, Content Management, and social media management, as well as virtual assistance, graphic and digital marketing in General.

What you will learn?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Definition and Concepts
Types of Digital Marketing
Importance of Digital Marketing
Competitive Analysis

Social Media Management

Understand audience
Create high-quality relevant content
Manage business communication
Select the relevant channel for a business
Understanding Multichannel for Social Media
Learn Paid Advertisements and Campaigns for
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
What is TikTok and the Visual Power of social media?

Content Marketing

Content Creation Tools
Basic Contents: Blog, Newsletters, Short Videos, Pictures/Photography, E-books, Digital Magazine
Blogging: Introduction, SEO Concepts, and Monetization

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Introduction to SEO and SEM
Web Analysis and Management
Basic on Geo Tagging, Keyword Research, and Pay Per Click
Google Search Console
Other Search Engines Marketing: Yahoo and Yandex

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