Meta Business and Intuit have introduced VAT in Tanzania – Digital Tax Era.

Digital Tax in Tanzania

Navigating the Digital Tax Landscape in Tanzania: A Guide for Businesses

In recent developments, Meta and Intuit have brought a significant change to the business landscape in Tanzania by introducing Value Added Tax (VAT). This move prompts us to ponder the implications and consider whether this marks a new direction for online businesses in the country. The Digital Tax has been long a debate.

Understanding the Changes

Both Meta Business and Intuit have taken steps to comply with tax regulations in Tanzania. According to an email from Intuit in early November, they are now mandated to charge VAT on all services to non-business customers in Tanzania, with the collected VAT being remitted to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). It’s essential to note that this is not to be perceived as a price increase but rather a regulatory compliance.

Similarly, Meta Business has announced that, starting from December 1, 2023, Facebook ads in Tanzania will be subject to an 18% VAT. This applies to advertisers whose business or personal address is set to Tanzania and who haven’t added their VAT Registration Number to their Facebook ad account.

Steps to Ensure Compliance

For businesses navigating these changes, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with the new tax regulations. If you are using QuickBooks, you can add your Tax Identification Number to your account by following simple steps:

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Click the gear icon and select Account and Settings.
  • In the Company name section, click the pencil icon.
  • Enter your Tax Identification Number in the Tax Identification Number# field.
  • Click save.

For Facebook advertisers, adding a valid VAT ID to the ad account can exempt them from the 18% VAT on ads. This places the responsibility on the advertiser to self-assess and pay the Tanzanian VAT under reverse charge in accordance with Tanzanian Tax Law.

Opportunities for Marketing Agencies

These tax changes could present an opportunity for marketing agencies, like Zanziholics. Clients seeking clear records of VAT for their online advertising expenditures could turn to agencies like Zanziholics. By using their services, businesses can receive valid VAT receipts, facilitating the claiming process.

Concerns for Zanzibar Businesses

While Meta and Intuit are set to collect VAT for the Tanzania Revenue Authority, questions arise regarding how the Zanzibar Revenue Authority will adapt to these changes. It is crucial for businesses, especially those in Zanzibar, to stay informed and prepared for the application of this tax law, effective from December 2023.

In conclusion, the introduction of VAT by Meta and Intuit in Tanzania signifies a significant shift in the digital tax landscape. Businesses need to stay vigilant, adapt their processes to comply with these changes, and explore potential opportunities that may arise in the wake of this new regulatory environment. Zanziholics, as a marketing agency, stands ready to assist businesses in navigating these changes and ensuring compliance in the evolving digital marketplace.

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